Customized Software Database Services - Winnipeg

Custom Software Development

Do you wonder: Who can make the software application I need for my business? Look no further - Tomkorp is the answer. We have many years of experience working with our customers gathering requirements, improving on them, and then developing a final product that we will maintain on an ongoing basis. We take care of the “behind the scenes” work so you can focus on your business!

Tomkorp staffs university-trained engineers who are skilled in microprocessor development, software architectures, mathematics, and sciences. We delight in tackling new challenges! We will develop professional, quality solutions in a timely manner ensuring they meet all your needs.

Tomkorp provides secure and audited solutions for data management and analysis, customized website integration services, Windows tools and utility development, Linux server support, and more!

Here are some of the technologies used in our solutions:

  • C/C++ Language - low level development/performance critical applications
  • C# .NET - to develop tools, utilities, GUI apps
  • MySQL - database storage engine to store structured data
  • ATMEL - microprocessor family for low level development
  • Python - for generic scripts
  • Apache - Web server of choice
  • Drupal - CMS for web applications
  • Debian/Ubuntu Linux - for web and database servers
  • etc...

Database Driven Applications

You’re probably thinking: What is a database driven application? How can it help my business? The best way to explain this is by describing the varied benefits it provides. A database driven application:

  1. # Allows for a multi-user work environment – Multiple employees can access data simultaneously, without issue.
  2. Central data storage and retrieval - All data is stored in a central repository which is the utmost in organization and efficiency. No more data duplication!
  3. # Data analysis - structured data storage enables easier analysis leading to better and more strategic business decisions

The TBC Engine – Tompkorp’s unique set of core technologies that allows rapid development of a working database-driven application! TBC Engine benefits include:

  • Friendly Windows Interface - applications are designed with familiar windows elements promoting ease of use!
  • Fine level of access control – Administrators can specifically control which users have access to certain components of the software application.
  • Modular architecture - expandable and maintainable architecture
  • # Audited data – each and every change to the system is tracked and logged. Any mistakes or malicious change will be traced and identified!

Website Integration

Using a solid foundation of community supported technology, Tomkorp can build a fully integrated Content Managed website for your business. Drupal is our platform of choice for the Content Management System (CMS). Tomkorp has the skills to create custom modules and extensions providing a functional and value added web experience for your visitors and customers. This level of integration optimizes efficiency! We utilize the LAMP framework to power the sites.

Linux Server Support

Looking for an engineer to help configure or setup a linux server? We can help. Contact Tomkorp to discuss your needs.

Secure Offsite Backups

You are well-aware that the loss of information in your business is detrimental to your operations. This is precisely why Tomkorp recommends on-site and off-site backups of your important files and databases. We are experts in the setup of proper systems to fully automate the entire backup process and securely archive it off-site. Gone are the days of performing manual backup!

Enterprise Management Consultation

Various aspects of a business operation can be automated and improved using computing technologies, many of which you haven’t even imagined! For example, your business likely receives multiple faxes - Tomkorp has a paperless fax solution you need to try! You’ll be saving the environment while streamlining business operations!. There are many, many more options worth exploring with us. Tomkorp will thoroughly evaluate your business and with you identify areas to enhance. Contact us now to discuss how your business can attain new level of organization and efficiency. The combination of your business knowledge and Tomkorp’s software development expertise is a sure formula for multiple effective and successful solutions that can be implemented today!

Born and raised in Winnipeg we specialize in Winnipeg custom software and Winnipeg custom databases.