Clones Game

Clones is an exciting and upcoming puzzle/real-time strategy computer game for the Windows platform. Featured are endearing alien creatures, Clones, to which the player assigns various morph commands. The clones are commanded to appropriately deform their bodies in order to navigate the varied terrain and reach the beam-up pad end goal. Multiple game types are supported as well as both singleplayer and multiplayer modes.

AutoTracker DMS

AutoTracker-V2 (AV2) is Canada's newest, state of the art modular dealership management software suite (DMS) developed from the ground up using the most powerful and flexible technologies available. AV2 can be scaled to suit any sized dealership from a single person wholesale operation to a complete automotive dealership and body shop with 200+ deals a month. AV2 dealership software is particularly well- suited to the mid-sized used car dealership. Tomkorpā€™s easy to use graphical user interface is coupled with extensive and powerful features rarely found on other systems. Why keep paying for outdated systems that are difficult to use and do not respond to your custom requests? AV2 has everything you need and more. Review what AV2 has to offer and you will immediately realize its potential for your business. You are in control.